Taking responsibility

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Tarun was in the playground.

He looked for Nikhil.

Nikhil is his best friend.

He was nowhere to be seen.

Since it was interval time the ground was full of students.

A disappointed Tarun walked backed to the classroom.

As he entered the class he noted something.

Everyone in the class was around Nikhil.

“What has happened?” a surprised Tarun wondered.

When he got closer Tarun saw someone else with Nikhil.

It was the boy who had joined the class a few days back.

He had come from a neighbouring school.

 “How if you were treated this way in the event of you going to another school?” Nikhil was heard asking someone.

Since the accused had his back to Tarun he could not identify the boy.

Tarun shook the shoulder of Savan who stood close by.

“What happened?” he asked Savan.

“Tharindu pulled the chair behind when the new one tried to sit” Savan explained.

“The new one fell on the ground” he added.

Tarun was upset.

“Is he ok?” Tarun asked.

“His head had hit the desk which was behind” Savan informed.

Tarun saw Nikhil checking the new boy’s head again.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go and see a doctor” he asked the new boy.

The new boy nodded his head.

“If it pains do let us know” Nikhil told him.

After that he got Tharindu to apologize to the new boy.

Tarun watched everything.

He was so glad that they had a responsible person like Nikhil in class.

More, he was so proud that Nikhil was his best friend.



What made Tarun disappointed?

Who was reprimanded by Nikhil for pulling the new boys chair?

What did Nikhil got him to do finally?

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