A good break!

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Washing-clothesThe technician didn’t arrive for days.

That was despite repeated calls.

So the washing machine couldn’t be repaired.

It was out of order for two days.

The clothes bin was full.

Father was about to have a shower.

He pulled out some clothes from the bin.

“I am going to wash these by hand” he told mother.

After the shower father emerged from the bathroom with washed clothes.

Tarun felt bad.

He took his clothes from the bin and took them to his room.

When he had a shower he washed his clothes as well.

“Good boy” father patted Tarun on the shoulder when he was putting clothes out on the line.

Tara knew it was her turn.

She was sorting her clothes from the bin.

“Leave them to me Tara” mother told her kindly.

“No Amma I can wash them” Tara said smiling.

So Tara washed her clothes.

After a while the technician dropped by.

He fixed the washing machine.

Mother put her clothes and bedding in the machine.

“It’s a good that the machine goes out of order once in a while” father told her.

“Otherwise we may forget how to wash our clothes by hand” he said smiling.

Other too agreed.



Why was the clothes bin full?

What was Tarun doing when father patted him on the shoulder?

Finally who did not have to wash clothes by hand?

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