At bag shop

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Tara beamed when she saw the pink bag.

It had an image of a puppy.

She went closer.

It looked a bit too big.

Tara lifted it to check its weight.

It was heavy.

She wondered what to do.

She had to buy a bag for the new academic year.

Tara’s brother Tarun had already selected a dark blue bag.

Father had kept it on the counter of the shop.

“Have you selected a bag Tara” Tarun asked his sister.

Tara pointed at the pink bag.

Tarun looked at it.

“This bag is too big for you” he responded.

“Look it’s also too heavy” he added lifting it.

Tara looked a little disappointed.

“It will give you a back pain” Tarun explained.

Tara knew that was true.

Tarun looked around.

He saw a pretty, smaller bag on the top rack.

It had an image of a teddy bear.

Since Tara was small she had not seen the bag.

“How about this?” Tarun asked bringing the bag down.

Tara beamed.

Tarun opened it and checked the inside.

“See there are pockets inside” he pointed out.

Tara was elated.

‘Let’s buy this” an excited Tara said.

Tarun took the bag to where father was.

Tara was so glad that his brother helped her to take the decision.



What was the image on the pink bag?

What did Tarun tell Tara when he found that the pink bag was heavy for her?

Why did not Tara see the pretty smaller bag?

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