Weeds and bad habits

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Father and Tarun were in the garden.

The lawn had got messy after rains.

It had rained for weeks.

So many weeds had grown among the grass.

Father and Tarun tried to remove them.

However it wasn’t easy.

There was a thick growth of weed all over the lawn.

“We should have removed them almost everyday” father said.

“Then they would not have grown this far” he pointed out.

Tarun nodded his head in agreement.

Tara thought about what they were discussing.

After some time mother entered the garden.

“Isn’t it better to hire someone to clear them?” She inquired.

“Yes it looks like we should” father replied.

Tara looked at father.

 “Tara you know these weeds are like bad habits” he said.

 “Unless you remove them daily, they keep growing” he added.

Tara knew that was true.

Some of her classmates have bad habits.

Some skip homework, others eat junk food.

They find it difficult to give up on those habits.

Tara was glad that she had not cultivated any bad habits.



Why did the lawn look messy?

What did mother suggest?

For what did father liken weeds to?

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