Flood prevention

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Tarun looked through the window.

It was raining incessantly.

“If this rain continues for a few days there will be floods,” he warned.

A wide-eyed Tara looked at him.

She remembered the images on TV of the previous floods.

Kelani River was overflowing violently.

Thousands of houses were submerged.

Children suffered as a result.

She turned towards her father.

“Will Kelani River overflow this time as well Thaththa?” she asked.

Father smiled.

“It might” he replied.

“After all so far no steps have been taken to prevent floods” he added.

Tara was very disturbed.

“What can be done to stop flooding?” she inquired.

“One is diverting part of the river water to another area” father replied.

“So many experts had recommended that,” he emphasized.

Tara hoped that the river would be diverted soon.

She wanted all children to be safe.



What did Tarun warn when he saw the heavy rain?

Why did father say that Kelani River might overflow again?

Give one way of controlling flooding of Kelani River?

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