Truths and lies

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Tara returned home.

“Amma, isn’t telling lies bad?” she asked her mother.

“Of course it’s bad” mother replied.

Tara didn’t say more.

She had a shower and sat down to have lunch.

Mother sat next to Tara.

“Nitara has told us a lie” Tara told mother all of a sudden.

Nitara is a classmate of Tara.

“Is that so?” mother asked.

“Yes Nitara told us she had a Persian cat” Tara started to explain.

“She said that the day Anjula told that she had a Persian cat” she continued.

“Does Anjula have one?” mother asked.

“Yes she showed us her photos with her cat” Tara replied.

Tara went on narrating what had happened.

Recently Kavandi, another classmate, has been to Nitara’s house.

Kavandi had seen only an ordinary cat there.

So she had inquired from Nitara about the Persian cat.

Nitara hadn’t said anything.

However her mother had said that they never had a Persian cat.

Kavandi had told the whole class about it the following day.

“That was a huge embarrassment for Nitara” Tara explained.

 “Telling lies is bad. Isn’t it Amma?” Tara inquired again.

“Yes its bad and someday the truth will surface” mother agreed.

“All cats are nice, aren’t they?” Tara asked.

“Our kitty is pretty” she added.

“Of course” mother agreed.



What was the lie Nitara had told the class?

What had Nitara’s mother told Kavindi?

What did Tara’s mother say about lies?


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