A happy morning

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Saturday was a busy day.

Papa rabbit brought planks to the store.

Papa deer sawed them.

Together they organized the new racks.

Curly, Charlie and Chubby helped them.

In the evening Mama Rabbit started making cupcakes.

Everyone was excited about the next day.

Mama deer Cutie woke up early morning on Sunday.

She started making cream buns.

Papa deer put the buns in the oven.

Chubby was fast asleep.

Papa deer woke him after some time.

Once all the buns were baked they were put in a big tin container with a lid.

Papa deer took it into his hand.

The three of them proceeded towards the grocery store.

Papa rabbit was eagerly waiting for them.

Chubby looked at the racks.

There, the cupcakes stood in a transparent container.

Papa Rabbit too helped organize the buns in order.

Everything looked so nice.

Curly and Charlie joined them within minutes.

Mama rabbit followed them with a tray of cupcakes and tea.

“Sit down everyone lets have some tea” she said.

Chairs were fetched and everyone sat around the table.

Mama deer Cutie had brought eight extra buns.

“You children can start” she told the children.

Charlie looked at Mama Rabbit sheepishly.

Mama nodded her head smiling.

Charlie reached out to the cream buns.

Chubby took a cupcake.

Curly too had a cream bun.

Mama poured tea afterwards.

It was a happy morning for everyone.

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