Cream buns and cupcakes

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Cream-buns-and-cupcakes 2

Charlie and Chubby entered the grocery.

Their fathers were having a discussion there.

The two boys stopped at the entrance.

They didn’t want to disturb their fathers.

“Three racks would do” they heard Charlie’s father saying.

 “Yes that would do” agreed Chubby’s father Papa Deer.

“Cutie said she can make about twenty buns per day” he added.

Cutie is Papa deer’s wife and Chubby’s mother.

“My wife will make about fifteen cupcakes” Papa Rabbit said.

Charlie and Chubby became curious.

“What are they going to do?” Chubby asked Charlie.

“Let’s go and ask Mama” Charlie suggested.

Charlie and Chubby ran out looking for Mama Rabbit.

They found her watering the plants.

“Mama why are you going to make cupcakes?” Charlie asked.

“And I heard Aunty Cutie is making buns” he added.

Mama Rabbit smiled.

“Well, those are for the grocery. We are going to sell them” Mama explained.

Charlie and Chubby looked at each other.

That is very good news.

“When are you starting?” Charlie asked.

“This Sunday” Mama replied.

“Oh that’s day after tomorrow” Chubby said jubilantly.

“Cutie is making cream buns, not plain buns” Mama informed Chubby.

It doubled Chubby’s joy.

He jumped up in joy.

“Yipeee, that means I can have cream buns everyday” he said.

“Now you boys have to be sensible” Mama started explaining.

 “You shouldn’t eat cakes and buns everyday” she said affirmed.

Her advice had very little effect on the boys.

“Then we will have them every other day” Charlie said running out of the house in joy.

“Yes every other day” Chubby said running after him delightedly.

Rabbit Mama shook her head smiling.

“Crazy boys” she told herself.

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