Angry Kitten

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Angry kitten2

Tara was at aunt Shani’s house.

Aunt Shani is a cousin of Tara’s mother.

After tea mother and aunt Shani began discussing about relations in the village.

Tara was getting a little bored.

There was a cute looking kitten at Aunt’s house.

Tara started playing with the kitten.

It was so playful.

 “Tara, watch him, he can be wicked at times” Aunt Shani warned.

“Oh no he is so cute” Tara replied.

“But he tears clothes when he gets angry” Aunt said.

Tara couldn’t believe that.

The kitten though playful looked so innocent.

Tara ran around the house with him.

After a while Tara sat on a sofa and started resting.

The kitten however was in no mood to rest.

It started running around the chair.

Tara started laughing, but she didn’t get up.

The kitten jumped at the hem of Tara’s dress.

He was a big kitten.

The lace of the hem gave away to its weight.

The hem was torn.

Tara was horrified.

She loved the dress very much.

Tara ran to her mother almost in tears.

“Oh dear” mother said.

“Don’t worry, I will get a new lace for the dress” she consoled Tara.

Aunt Shani was very upset.

“That’s why I told you that he can be wicked at times dear” Aunt Shani said.

Yes, Tara remembered that very well.

Tara wished she had listened to her aunt.



What did mother and aunt Shani discuss after tea?

According to Aunt Shani what did the kitten do when it got angry?

What did Tara wish for finally?



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