Boys Forgive Curly

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The boys were in pain.

They slowly got up wiping dust and mud.

All three boys were angry with Curly.

Curly didn’t know what to do.

She was so scared to go near them.

So was Sweety who followed her to the backyard.

Mama Rabbit who was in the house heard the crash.

She came running into the backyard.

“Are you ok?” she asked checking on the boys’ hands and legs.

The boys didn’t say anything.

“What happened?” she asked next.

“Curly did it, she yelled at us and we lost balance” an angry Charlie responded.

“I thought they would mess the clay mugs” Curly explained.

 “Where are the clay mugs?” inquired Charlie.

Curly pointed her finger towards them.

The bicycle had fallen just about eight feet ahead of them.

All mugs remained intact.

“We spent the whole morning making them” Sweety said.

“They are for the children’s fair” she added.

Only then the boys understood why Curly shouted so loud.

“I am so sorry” Curly apologized.

“I only wanted to save the mugs” she muttered.

The boys didn’t say anything.

They were ready to forgive her.

After all there were no injuries.

They too were glad that the mugs were saved.

Everyone looked forward to the children’s fair.


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