Tommy’s Troubles

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Tommy’s troubles 2

Nipun rang the bell at Tarun’s gate.

Tarun’s mother opened the gate.

Tarun too walked towards the gate.

Nipun was laughing non-stop.

“What’s up Nipun?” Tarun’s mother asked.

Nipun turned back and laughed again.

Tarun and mother walked out of the gate to see what made Nipun laugh.

Then they saw what it was about.

Tommy, the stray dog in the lane, was wearing a T shirt.

It was running up and down the lane in confusion.

Tarun burst into laughter.

 “It’s no laughing matter Tarun” mother said suppressing her own laugh.

“Poor animal, someone has done a very wicked thing” she added.

Tommy was a very tame dog.

It depended on the people in the lane for food.

“Shall I remove the T – shirt” Nipun asked.

“You better not. It isn’t vaccinated for rabies” Tarun’s mother warned.

Nipun laughed.

“It’s so tame. I patted its head even yesterday” Nipun said.

Tarun’s mother was in two minds.

Before she could think of anything Nipun called the dog.Tommy’s troubles 2- 1

“Tommy, Tommy”

Tommy walked slowly towards Nipun with its head bent.

Nipun removed the red T shirt it was wearing.

The dog looked relieved after that.  

It wagged its tail looking at Nipun.

Tarun brought some biscuits for the dog to eat.

After having biscuits Tommy looked at everyone gratefully.

Then it slowly walked away.


What did mother and Tarun see when they stepped on to lane?

What did Tommy do when Nipun called him?

What did he do after eating the biscuits?



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