Missed Opportunity

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Missed Opportunity 3

Nipun was getting tired.

He had been waiting for half an hour.

There was no sign of Tarun.

They were to visit their friend Santhush that day.

Santhush lives on the next lane.

Santhush’s uncle is a pilot.

His uncle was visiting Santhush’s family that afternoon.

Both Tarun and Nipun loved aeroplanes.

Santhush knew that.

So he invited them to meet his uncle.

Nipun was getting really impatient about his friends’ delay.

He walked towards Tarun’s house.

Tarun’s mother opened the gate.

“Is Tarun in Aunty?” Nipun asked.

“Oh yes, come in, he must be in the room” mother said.

When Nipun entered the room he found Tarun fast asleep.

Nipun shook Tarun’s shoulder.

Tarun woke up with a jolt.

“Aren’t we going to Santhush’s?” Nipun asked.

 “Oh yes, let me get ready quickly” Tarun said.

Tarun had a quick body wash before he got ready.

So they were delayed by another ten minutes.

Nipun almost ran with Tarun to Santhush’s house.

By then the pilot had already left.

Both friends were so disappointed.

“In vain, why did you get late?” Santhush queried.

Nipun told him what happened.

“See because of your delay even Nipun couldn’t meet him” Santhush told Tarun.

Tarun felt so bad about what had happened.

He turned back along with Nipun to return home.

“I promise never to get late hereafter” Tarun told Nipun on the way.



What made Santhush invite Tarun and Nipun to meet his uncle?

What did Tarun do before getting ready?

What did Santhush tell Tarun when he learned the reason for the delay?






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