Puppy Find’s a Parent

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puppy find's a parent 1

Tara was getting jittery.

The puppy was nowhere to be seen.

She made it with pieces of cloth.

It was for the school exhibition.

About half an hour ago she had left it in the garden.

She used glue to paste its eyes and mouth.

So she wanted it to dry in the sun.

“Amma did you see my rag puppy?” she asked mother. 

“No dear” mother replied.

“It’s not to be seen” a worried Tara said.

Mother came to Tara’s help.

They went around the house looking for it.

Then they saw the puppy.

It was with Shadow, their pet dog.

Shadow was lying on the grass with the pup in front of him.

“Oh dear” mother said.

“Shadow would have thought it’s a real puppy” mother told Tara.

 “He would have taken it from where you kept it” she explained.

Tara was so touched.

“Oh Shadow I need the puppy for the exhibition” Tara explained.

She quietly took the pup into her hand.

Shadow looked a bit confused.

Tara stroked Shadow’s head.

“I promise to give it after the exhibition” she told Shadow.

Shadow wagged its tail as if it understood.



For what did Tara make the rag puppy?

With whom was the puppy when Tara and mother saw it?

What did Tara promise Shadow?

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