Chubby’s Luck

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Grandpa couldn’t utter a word.

He stared at Chubby.

Everything was like a dream to Grandpa.

Even Captain looked dumbstruck.

Chubby flashed a mischievous smile.

He started telling how he and his friends found the key.

Then he explained why he had to keep it.

After telling all that Chubby looked at everyone victoriously.

Grandpa got up and hugged Chubby.

“Oh my grandson, my precious grandson,” he whispered to Chubby.

Mama deer was moved to tears.

She went to the pantry to make coffee for everyone.

Grandpa and Papa decided to forgive Captain for Cyril’s sake.

After a round of coffee Cyril left for home with Captain.

After they had disappeared from sight Chubby turned at Grandpa.

“Where is the gold coin locker Grandpa,” he asked.

Grandpa smiled.

“That’s a secret,” he said smiling.

“Oh please do let me know,” Chubby pleaded.

“Small children shouldn’t know these things,” Papa too agreed with Grandpa.

“I found the key,” Chubby reminded.

“Ok Ok I know you are a good boy,” Grandpa.

Grandpa thought for a while.

“I will buy you a bicycle,” he said all of a sudden.

Chubby couldn’t believe his ears.

“Did Grandpa really say that?” he thought.

Chubby had been requesting for a bicycle from his parents for months.

“Are you really going to buy me a bicycle Grandpa?” a wide-eyed Chubby asked.

“Have I ever told you a lie?” Grandpa asked.

Chubby hugged Grandpa tight.

Grandpa started stroking Chubby’s head.

“If not for you and friends I would have lost the key,” Grandpa said solemnly.

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