What a Mango Friend!

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The mangoes 3

Nipun was having a busy day.

His aunt’s family was visiting them.

The aunt lives in the village.

She has come with her husband and daughter.

They had brought a vanload of fruits and vegetables.

There was a big bag full of ripe mangoes.

Nipun’s parents were discussing what to do with mangoes.

Nipun overheard the conversation.

“We won’t be able to finish eating them,” mother observed.

“Yes can’t keep them for more than two or three days as they are ripe,” father too agreed.

Nipun thought of Tarun.

“Shall I give some to Tarun?” he asked.

“Yes please do” his mother said.

Nipun brought a bag and put half of the mangoes in to it.

With difficulty he took the bag to Tarun’s home.

“All this?” asked Tarun’s mother thanking Nipun.

“Yes Aunty,” Nipun replied with a smile.

Tarun’s mother was overwhelmed by this act of generosity.

She got an idea.

While Nipun was talking to Tarun, mother made big jug of mango juice.

She poured half of that to a nice looking bottle.

“Nipun before you leave please take this bottle with you,” she said leaving the bottle on a table.

Nipun loves mango juice.

“Oh Aunty this is very nice of you,” he said thanking her.

He thought how nice it would be if everyone shares what they have with others.



With whom did Nipun’s aunt make the visit?

According to father why couldn’t they keep the mangoes for more than two three days?

What did Nipun think about sharing?




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