Soft-Spoken Boy

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Soft-spoken boy 5


Tarun and Nipun hurried down the lane.

They were to play a match against the boys from the next lane.

Their team was captained by a senior boy by the name Akash.

Akash won the toss and decided to field.

Tarun and Nipun became fielders.

The two openers of the other team started batting really well.

Akash was getting disheartened.

He had tried all his good bowlers.

Nobody could get the pair out.

“Tarun can you bowl the next over?” he asked after some time.

Tarun agreed.

The batsmen scored nine runs from Tarun’s over.

Nipun came running to Akash.

“Shall we try that new boy,” he asked.

Akash looked at Thenuka, the new boy.

Thenuka’s family shifted to the area about two weeks ago.

He spoke very softly and was very shy.

 “He doesn’t look like a sportsman Nipun,” Akash dismissed the suggestion.

“We have no choice. Let’s ask him to bowl,” Nipun insisted.

Akash gave the ball to Thenuka reluctantly.

Thenuka started running up slowly and bowled.

Within seconds the middle stump went flying.


Everyone gathered around Thenuka and hugged him.

Two balls later he got the new batsman also out.

“What do you say now Akash?”  Nipun asked from the captain.

“You were right. It’s just that he didn’t have the look of a sportsman,” a jubilant Akash said.

“Never judge a person by looks,” Nipun said smiling.


Why was Akash getting disheartened?

Why did he give the ball to Thenuka reluctantly?

What did Nipun say about looks finally?



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